Fall in the Adirondacks

Early last month I made it to upstate New York for the very first time. I was with my dear friend and fellow shutter bug, Bonnie, and we stayed in the town of Raquette Lake, where she has a Summer House, or what is known as a ‘camp’.

The mornings were cold, cold, cold, with the fog rolling in over the lakes, but as soon as the sun got high enough in the sky, we were warmed up as we took in the beautiful colors of red, gold, yellow and orange.

I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, having grown up and lived in Southern California my entire life, and I was definitely in a visual heaven.

We would wake up as the sun did and head straight out to photograph dew drops on the leaves and the spider’s webs, and also the mist that rolled across the lakes.

We went on hikes that nearly killed me, but the reward at the top of these climbs always made it well worth it.

One hike, to a mountain top with a name I can’t remember, took way longer to get up than Bonnie had hoped (only because of my being so slow), and once there, we looked out onto a sea of beautiful fall leaves and lakes. Heaven…truly, heaven.

We stayed until the sun set, and the scariest part of my trip to the Adirondacks came in hiking down in the dark. We had those headlight bands, but it was pretty steep! I used my tripod as my cane.

I hope to go back next year, in better shape for the amazing hikes!

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