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Turn That Frown Upside Down!

Photographing this little girl, Maria, her Mom, her Aunt, and her Grandparents was so much fun! Definitely a work out, and at times quite challenging, but still great fun, nonetheless. I had spied this field of flowers and trees days before they arrived from Mexico, so off we went in our boots to protect from bugs and anything else we may find crawling about this area where no one goes.


It was a very long photo shoot, chasing around a very active toddler who did not want her picture taken, along with a language barrier, and many different set-ups planned. Some worked, some didn’t.

Maria’s Mother, Pati, is so photogenic that even catching her off-guard, she is always beautiful.

I loved the way these two adult sisters were so willing to step back to their childhood and play!

Maria is a very happy little girl, but she was testing me for sure. Every time I pointed the lens toward her, she frowned. I decided to keep those shots because they are her — from this time in her life — and I find them adorable. I managed to get a few smiles too, with the many things we brought to create distractions — like bubbles, balloons, and plastic eggs.



And here is the smile I had been waiting for!


I have photographed Maria since she was in her Mom’s womb just over two years ago, and now I get to see her and photograph her a couple of times a year. It’s such a beautiful gift to watch a child grow through my lens!

This is for my 10 on 10 circle. If you’d like, please follow around the circle starting with the images of the very talented Megan Wright!

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