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10 on 10: May: One Month with Bella

This was our first full month with our pup, Bella, who is now six months old.   She has completely changed our lives by bringing extra love, joy, play, and yep…frustration to our daily routine.   The frustration part is completely over-shadowed by the goods she delivers to our hearts.

This portrait (above) is Bella to a tee.   She’s adorable, right?   But she’s got that sly look that says “I’m more than just don’t turn your back on me for a second!”.

She’s got a lot of energy, so we’ve just started taking her to the dog park.  Bella is pretty little — she’ll only get to be somewhere between 20-25 pounds, so we found a dog park just for the littlies.   She loves showing off with the Dachshunds and Chihuahuas – feeling like the big kid on the block.

The other day, we took her early and there was no one there.  She was bummed.  Then, voila!  In came a tiny dog that she wanted nothing more than to pounce on.   His Mom eventually had to pick him up to give him a break, and we watched with horror as Bella excitedly jumped up towards the lady, knocking her sunglasses to the ground.   Just as Phil went to pick them up, she grabbed them and proceeded to take off running through the dog park.  For Bella, it was a game of cat and mouse and it took a bit to stop her.  Phil finally retrieved them and went to hose them off  before giving them back.  There was something up with the water pressure, and the hose went crazy like a wild water snake.  It had a mind of it’s own, flying through the air in every direction, drenching Phil, and ultimately spraying the lady and her dog too.   Phil finally got a hold of the wild hose and turned the water off.  After trying to dry the lady’s glasses with the one dry part of his t-shirt, and having one of the lenses pop out, Phil and I were ready to run and hide from this ‘Marley’ moment.  The lady was very kind though, and said not to worry–that pups will be pups.  The hose was another story.   :)

I had never noticed it before with other dogs I’ve had, but Bella has been losing her puppy teeth.    We see the signs when it’s about to happen, starting with very little appetite, bad behavior, and the need to chew anything that comes near her mouth.   Then her paws go to her face like she’s trying to get at something, she licks feverishly, and then pop! — out comes a tooth.   She bats it around like the bugs she finds.    So far we’ve seen her lose about 10 of them!

We have to be sure to have her chew toys always near, and her mini bully sticks that keep her busy enough to stop chewing on us, the furniture, or perhaps a favorite book?

She loves to gather her toys and keep them right near her crate.   She destroys them all so quickly, that I keep looking for those that are not so easy to rip open and pull the stuffing out.   The other day she chewed the squeaker bit right out and we never found it.   I wonder if she’d squeak if I squeezed her tight enough?

She may be a little girl, but she’s long and lanky and stands up pretty tall!

We had a beach day not too long ago too.   There will be much more of this in her future!

Our Bella is an absolute love.   She’s got the fastest tongue in the west, so when we pick her up, we are prepared to be drenched in kisses.   This is what she did when we saw her at the adoption agency, and she continues to this day!  Fortunately, we love it!

We are so grateful for this girl in our lives.  She snuggles up to us all the time–wherever we are sitting, and lays between us when we watch TV, gets us out in nature more often, and the pitter-patter of her feet throughout the house makes our hearts do back flips.   I tell her often that if she were someone else’s dog I’d steal her!  She has completely won me over.  We look forward to what the next six months brings.

Please follow around the 10 on 10 circle and see what my talented and wonderful friend Kathleen Ries has been up to for the month.

On the beach at sunset. Look at Bella’s white lipstick!

Enjoy your Mother’s Day whether it be with a two or four-legged little one!

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