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Life is a Beach – 10 on 10: October, 2015

In these recent mornings, now that so many are back to school and the beaches are less crowded, I’ve decided to take care of my cardio, meditation and prayer all in one fell swoop.   I head to the beach in the morning and do a walking meditation, stop to sit on a rock and pray, and then continue a vigorous walk/run through the shallow ocean water that is still so warm. I leave refreshed and ready for work.

Being who I am, of course I am never without a camera – and thanks to the quality of my iPhone 6, I’m able to keep things light and save my heavy Canon for client shoots.

I wondered how I could put myself in the image without having to run like Usain Bolt to make it happen.  I wanted to try to capture the serenity of my morning, but running back and forth so quickly surely wasn’t going to cut it.

One day I set the timer on the iPhone camera for the maximum 10 seconds, but I wore myself out trying for that one shot over and over.   Plus, people would walk by and there was too much time waiting for them to pass, so I wouldn’t look like a doof taking photos of myself .

So…I found an app called Gorillacam.   You can set your iphone to take anywhere from 10 to 30 photos with one click, and you can set a timer to give you time to get to the place you want to start.   I will keep trying this app, and maybe I’ll even get over my fear/insecurity of taking selfies when a stranger approaches.


I have no idea why this came out white-washed. No filter.

Other happenings during my morning medipraycardio walks:


And sometimes when I’ve got my bathing suit on underneath it all, I quickly do a splish-splash in the water before heading home.  Gotta take advantage of the warm temperatures while I can!

Please see what the talented ladies in our 10 on 10 group have been up to this month, starting with Stacey Griffin!

Enjoy your October!





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