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10 on 10: February

It’s the month of love, and although I had hoped to create a love-themed post, I am instead posting 10 photos I have taken in the past month.

Starting with my great love, Bella.  She turned 15 months on Feb 8th, which was a good reason to take her photo.   Her look changes so much depending on the position of her ears.  In these with her ears back, she looks like a fawn to me.  :)

Bella, 15 months


And the ears up pose…



At least twice a year, Ana hires me to take her photos.   I am still editing most of them, but this was a quick candid snapped as we were wrapping up.


I have been aching to be in the snow, but with so much work at home, I haven’t been able to get away.  I discovered Jessica Drossin textures,  and created this magical snow image with one of the photos I had taken of Ana.


Here is the original…

blog42016Jan22_Ana_3260ps2A copy

Another fun shoot I did in the past couple of weeks, was for Russell.  He wanted some shots for his fitness website and some portraits too.   These are the few I have edited so far.


My assistant actually came up with this idea once I suggested to Russell that we should emphasize some of his strength and muscles for his fitness website.  He searched long and hard for a tree log and was patient enough to hold it up until I felt I had the shot.





I hope you all have a love-filled Valentine’s Day!   Please follow around our 10 on 10 circle, starting with the lovely Laura Bastien right here.

See you next month!

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