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New Portrait Special!

This San Diego portrait photographer is offering a limited time special for mini-portrait sessions.  These will be great for your LinkedIn or any social media page.   You most likely will receive one that you’ll want to print!

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10 on 10: August – Flash Friday: Mini Portrait Sessions

The portraits that we all need for LinkedIn, dating sites, Facebook profile photos, etc., –that’s my work every Friday–creating these portraits for many.  This is where my attention has been focused lately and I haven’t had quite as much time to get to the beach for my ocean shots.

It’s been a good time having new faces in front of my lens, as well as those whom I’ve photographed a few times before, but I love giving them three or four shots, and one inevitably becomes their avatar for various websites, or one that they love so much, it becomes the portrait they never had of themselves.

Here are a few:

I’ll be shooting mini headshots/portrait sessions every Friday either in San Diego or Los Angeles.  Please contact me if you’ll be in the area and want to schedule a session!

Please follow around the 10 on 10 circle of women starting with the uber talented, Bonnie.

Enjoy your Summer!



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10 on 10: Beauty From the Inside Out

Though she is one of my best friends, I feel so fortunate that she hired me to take her portraits for her new health business.   Ali, who has spent years as an acupuncturist working to heal people in their addictions, is in the process of growing a new business called Simply Wellness.  She is committed to helping people improve their health, wellbeing, and quality of life by teaching simple, sustainable daily practices.

She practices what she teaches, and as beautiful as she is on the outside, she is that beauty squared on the inside.   She smiles, listens, and inspires, and always radiates the light that shines inside of her.


Until her website is up and running, you can follow her on twitter here.    Her business will include health for the mind, body and soul, through nutrition, exercise, and so much more!

We spent a few hours shooting on a private beach in Laguna, an absolute dream for me, so we played around in the caves at Three Arch Bay.

We spent a good portion of our shoot doing a fitness segment too, so here’s a sneak peak…

I will certainly keep you posted on Ali’s new business, as I know it will have something for everyone!

Please follow around our blog circle, starting with the uber-talented Bonnie.   I’ll see you a little bit earlier next month for our 10 on 10 post.  It will now be available on the 10th!  See you then!

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10 on 10: The Color of Love

For this month’s blog circle, I decided to go with our optional theme of love…and chose the color of love for me…red!

These are images I’ve photographed and worked on in the past month either just for fun, as commissioned pieces, or as submissions for challenges.

The three images below were commissioned by my friend Ana.   She’s worked with me a lot and  wanted to create something poetic in red, that expressed her feelings of love that she is experiencing in her life.   She gave me artistic freedom so we had some fun!


The following Red Riding Hood Series was shot on a whim for the weekend hashtag project on Instagram — Fairy Tales.   It was a blast to work with Lily and to quickly use my imagination to piece together  a fairy tale in a very short amount of time.


Can you spot the spooky eyes in the above image?

I thought it would be fun to show a behind the scenes shot.  It was just me, Lily, my favorite red piece of fabric, and my very reliable assistant — my remote.  Here I was flipping Lily’s hair in hope of using it to show some movement in a shot or two.

Finally, although this image has nothing to do with the others…it’s a little touch of red in one of my favorite flowers,  french tulips.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Please follow around our blog circle starting with Trine Lise, all the way from Norway!  From there you can click on each subsequent link and you’ll see that our circle has expanded!  Please be sure to take a look at each woman’s blog posts!   Thank you for stopping by!

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10 on 10: High Noon on the High Sea

This Saturday’s portrait shoot with Ana was a breath of fresh air.  I wasn’t sure it was going to happen because the day before had poured down rain, but I was prepared to shoot inside if the weather failed us.

With the amazing clouds in the sky, we decided we’d be out in nature as originally planned.

It would be an adventure.  We’d find a spot near the ocean where neither of us had ever been, and we’d create images.   We’d know the place when we saw it, and after searching for a while, at the end of one of the arbitrary streets, there it was!   Other than wave-scrutinizing surfers high up on the cliff where we’d parked, it was just us two.   The sun was so high up in the sky I was pretty certain we wouldn’t get much of anything, but with a limited window of time with Ana, I had no other choice but to go for it!

We climbed down the steps to a few flat rocks where we could set up, and a trail of more uneven, slippery moss-covered rocks that dropped off into the rough sea.  I had my reflector and did my best to hold it AND my camera.   I competed with the sun and the wind to put a little bit of light on Ana.

After a few trips up the steep stairs back to my car to find whatever I could to make it work, I settled on the tripod and remote allowing me the freedom to hold the reflector with two hands and it worked!  Enough for my liking, anyway.

As we were there a while, more daredevils came out to surf and kayak in the treacherous sea.   You can’t tell from the photos how rough it was, but I was scared for all the surfers who dared jump in to this spinning cycle of the ocean hoping to paddle over to waves that weren’t accessible any other way than to jump off a cliff.

Here are some of the shots of Ana and a few of the thrill seekers.








Please follow around the 10 on 10 circle of women, starting with the lovely Kristina Rust!   You won’t be disappointed!  This is our last 10 on 10 post for the year, so I wish you all very Happy Holidays!

P.S.   You can find me on instagram for images daily!




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The Angel Within


It was a couple of weeks ago during the warmest part of our winter here in San Diego, that Ana hired me to create some images of her. She wanted portraits and hoped to have a photo that made her look like a butterfly. She wanted it to show freedom and her personal flight to a new chapter in her life.

I did create the butterfly image, not shown here, and though I loved it, it felt forced – like I had to make it literally look like a butterfly, something I didn’t realize until I got to the editing, but I figured my client would still like it. She did. But then I edited this one. This was inspired by a photo I saw somewhere on-line, but it looks absolutely nothing like it.

This is usually what I do at the end of my client shoots if time allows, is ask them if they’re willing to try something else. Ana always agrees, bless her heart, and this photo is what came. It’s about 4 or 5 images combined and the sky came from Tulum, Mexico. When I completed it, it felt so true to me, and it felt so true to who I know my client, Ana, to be.

When I posted it on Flickr, the word ‘Angel’ came up many times over. I thought it was so interesting because the photo I borrowed from was more of a sexy, wrapped goddess, with lots of darkness around her, but this was how my version emerged.

I ask myself where it came from and all I can say is somewhere inside of me. I’m one who believes in angels and ask for their guidance a lot. I also feel I have angels on earth and one of them is Ana. I suppose it was natural for me to create her this way.

When we’re really true to what feels right to us as we create, the truth is there, right in front of us and sometimes it’s really a beautiful surprise!

This, by the way, was her favorite too, and the one she is using to represent who she is and where she is in her life.

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10 on 10: December – That Time of Year!

I’ve been trying out wordpress for my blog and hope to be more prolific with my posts!

This past month has been the busiest for me ever as a photographer here in San Diego. Much of it has to do with Christmas — creating family portraits, and a lot of it I suppose is just by chance. With the variety of work I’ve taken on — from pregnancy and newborn to glamour-style portraits and gorgeous children; I have had my hands full, but gratefully so.

I chose 10 images from a few of my sessions to share here in the 10 on 10 circle for the month of December.

It was such a heart-melting joy to photograph newborn twins. They were so good! They let me pose them however I wanted without crying and the parents were so trusting! Bless their hearts, they have a 20-month old girl who I also photographed as a newborn, so they were more relaxed this time around!

And on the theme of babies, I photographed one of my best friends and her hubby-to-be in her seventh month of pregnancy. The love and joy between them and this new life that will soon be in the world brought tears to my eyes!

There is a family from Mexico who hires me to photograph them when they come out about three times a year. It started with a maternity shoot of the Mom, and now the little girl is 20 months old. It’s always a challenge to get the shots you want with children this young, but I shoot a lot to ensure I’ll get something! Here are just a couple of the images I loved of mother and daughter.

I look forward to watching little Maria grow up and enjoy the opportunity to witness it through my lens.

Another fun family shoot was with the Holiday children. The five year-old twin boys were born on Christmas Day, and their four year-old Sister was born on the 4th of July. These few shots are a select few of this beautiful and loving family.

And finally, after seeing some shots I had posted on my facebook page from these sand dunes in Yuma, Arizona–this client asked if we could trek the 2 1/2 hour drive for a photo shoot. The weather was perfect, though I suspect that most days of the year are perfect in this area. I was grateful for my assistant, Kathleen, who helped with light and reflectors, as well as wardrobe changes, as there were a lot! Thankfully, we did a good job of dodging the dune buggies!

We stuck to jewel-toned colors, which was perfect for this stunning norwegian blonde. I haven’t yet edited all these photos but here are just a couple.

Please follow the 10 on 10 circle by viewing the work of Eva! Happy Holidays, everyone! May your days be filled with color and light!

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