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10 on 10: March – A Little Bit of Me and iPhoneography

I recently came up against one of those creative road blocks, and for a week, couldn’t decide what I would do for this month’s 10 on 10. I thought about photographing my day, but my day consists of a lot of sitting at my computer — editing, and I didn’t think that would appeal to anyone. It certainly didn’t appeal to me.

I actually went to the beach one day and got sand, brought it home, and photographed shells. I thought I would pretty them up with textures, etc., but I wasn’t feeling it at all. I had already committed to 10 on 10, and now it was the 11th..yipes!

Then…I stumbled upon Susan Tuttle somehow. I think because I’d heard her name twice in one week, I figured I’d better look her up. I immediately fell in love her iPhone photos…the textures and effects she used–they were so artful! She offered an on-line class on iPhoneography, and it was half-price at the moment, so I jumped in. In one afternoon, I stuffed a lot of learning down my throat, and with little time to find things to shoot, I decided I’d follow her lead and photograph me. Nothing too exciting, but with blurring and lighting effects, I thought, why not?


These are 10 images that I created off the cuff. I thank 10 on 10 and our circle of women for inspiring me to participate–to get out my camera (or iphone) and shoot, when I may get too trapped in my editing work, and encouraging me to simply create.


The hardest part was taking photos hands free! I used a timer app, but still, I had to lean my phone up against things, stack up books so it would be high enough, and then it was a lot of trial and error…a lot!



kimsideiphoneweb2014-03-12 20.09.25

kimsfeetiphoneforWeb2014-03-12 18.51.18

kimshadowiphoneweb2014-03-12 19.51.05

webflowershandsiphonephoto-59 copy

I look forward to creating much more iPhone art with the tools I now have and more that I’ve yet to learn. Please follow around our circle of women, starting with the lovely Suzanne O’Brien.

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The Angel Within


It was a couple of weeks ago during the warmest part of our winter here in San Diego, that Ana hired me to create some images of her. She wanted portraits and hoped to have a photo that made her look like a butterfly. She wanted it to show freedom and her personal flight to a new chapter in her life.

I did create the butterfly image, not shown here, and though I loved it, it felt forced – like I had to make it literally look like a butterfly, something I didn’t realize until I got to the editing, but I figured my client would still like it. She did. But then I edited this one. This was inspired by a photo I saw somewhere on-line, but it looks absolutely nothing like it.

This is usually what I do at the end of my client shoots if time allows, is ask them if they’re willing to try something else. Ana always agrees, bless her heart, and this photo is what came. It’s about 4 or 5 images combined and the sky came from Tulum, Mexico. When I completed it, it felt so true to me, and it felt so true to who I know my client, Ana, to be.

When I posted it on Flickr, the word ‘Angel’ came up many times over. I thought it was so interesting because the photo I borrowed from was more of a sexy, wrapped goddess, with lots of darkness around her, but this was how my version emerged.

I ask myself where it came from and all I can say is somewhere inside of me. I’m one who believes in angels and ask for their guidance a lot. I also feel I have angels on earth and one of them is Ana. I suppose it was natural for me to create her this way.

When we’re really true to what feels right to us as we create, the truth is there, right in front of us and sometimes it’s really a beautiful surprise!

This, by the way, was her favorite too, and the one she is using to represent who she is and where she is in her life.

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Fall in the Adirondacks

Early last month I made it to upstate New York for the very first time. I was with my dear friend and fellow shutter bug, Bonnie, and we stayed in the town of Raquette Lake, where she has a Summer House, or what is known as a ‘camp’.

The mornings were cold, cold, cold, with the fog rolling in over the lakes, but as soon as the sun got high enough in the sky, we were warmed up as we took in the beautiful colors of red, gold, yellow and orange.

I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, having grown up and lived in Southern California my entire life, and I was definitely in a visual heaven.

We would wake up as the sun did and head straight out to photograph dew drops on the leaves and the spider’s webs, and also the mist that rolled across the lakes.

We went on hikes that nearly killed me, but the reward at the top of these climbs always made it well worth it.

One hike, to a mountain top with a name I can’t remember, took way longer to get up than Bonnie had hoped (only because of my being so slow), and once there, we looked out onto a sea of beautiful fall leaves and lakes. Heaven…truly, heaven.

We stayed until the sun set, and the scariest part of my trip to the Adirondacks came in hiking down in the dark. We had those headlight bands, but it was pretty steep! I used my tripod as my cane.

I hope to go back next year, in better shape for the amazing hikes!

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